Wedding Wednesday: Saying Yes to the Perfect Wedding Dress (Part 2)

Welcome back! Last week we covered HOW to shop for your ideal wedding gown. This week, we're going to cover some fun things to keep in mind to narrow down your wedding dress selection while in the salon! 

Today's the day! You've booked your venue, you're in the salon, you've got your sweet entourage of ladies, and you have a few ideas of what you'll want for your gown. Great! Lets get started on a few tips of what to do while in the salon! 

-Much like we said last week, most salon appointments are about 90 minutes each. You've done your research, you know one of the gowns you want is available in the salon. You've been day dreaming about this gown and excited about how well it will fit in with your wedding day, but, you see something out of the corner of your eye, and it's magnificent! Then you see another and it's gorgeous too! The variety, the material, there is SO much going on, and you have a full 90 minutes to try on gowns and get some feedback from your entourage. It's totally fine! 

The whole point of wedding gown shopping is to find the perfect gown. While you may think you have the perfect gown in mind, but the one you end up choosing could be the total opposite. This is what the appointment is there for! Feel free to take advantage of the amount of time you have. 

-As you're trying on gowns, keep in mind the changing trend between your gown selection and your wedding date. Something sheer, light, and made entirely of chiffon may not be the best for your December nuptials. Luckily, most wedding gown designers showcase their new collections between Early April and Late October, so you'll have the ability to shop for your winter wedding gown in early spring or summer. 

However, for those procrastinating brides who put off gown shopping until about 3-4 months before your date, there is the potential for some savings on your gown! Gowns considered out of season will generally be a little less expensive than the in season gowns. If it fits your venue, your style, and your budget, go for it! 

-See how the gown moves! You have on a gorgeous gown! Granted, its not sized to you just yet and it's kept on you using clips and pins, but there is potential for it to be your gown. If you're going to have a lot of dancing, you're going to want to make sure you can shimmy and two step and twirl to your hearts desire. If your gown is going to have sleeves, make sure you can lift your arms. You're also going to want to make sure you can walk and sit down in the gown....

It's not a bad idea to bring the shoes (or ones of a similar height) and the bra you're planning on wearing on your wedding day. This way you can see how well you can walk in it and how much length needs to be taken off of it. 

As far as the bra may want to make sure you're going to be able to breathe in the gown. 


-Remember, you're going to be photographed in literally EVERY angle in that gown. From the second you put it on on your wedding day, to when you make your grand exit at the end of the night. So it's not a bad idea to take lots of photos of yourself in the gown while in the store. It's pretty hard to choose your gown without a frame of reference regarding who it looks on you. You're going to have ALOT of eyes on you on your wedding day, so you're going to want something that flatters you from all angles. 

Keep in mind how the fabric and the color photographs while you're wearing it. Some materials do photograph better than others, and wedding gowns do come in a variety of colors. Ivory, creme, white, champagne, even blush.....different colors look good on different people. Most cameras are calibrated to show as accurate of colors as possible, so you're going to want to choose something in a color that flatters your skin tone. 

You're also going to want to find a gown that showcases your favorite body part. You're definitely going to want to show it off on your wedding day. It totally helps build your confidence and you absolutely want to radiate with happiness. It'll really show in your photos! 

Chances are, it's your fiance's favorite body part on you too. 

-Please please please please do NOT believe what you see on TV. So many Brides anticipate this A-Ha, OMG, I LOOOOVE It moment when gown shopping. Sometimes that's not the case. You WILL know when you find your gown, absolutely, but sometimes it's more of a "this is great, I like it" kind of reaction. It doesn't mean you don't like the dress, it's just your natural reaction. It's totally okay. Besides, this particular dress you have on in the salon is not YOUR dress. Your dress will be tailor-made just for you. Plus, you've got plenty of OMG moments about your dress when the actual big day comes

Well that does it for me this week! Sorry this was a little late, but wedding season is upon us! I would love to hear from you! Please take a peek at my "Contact Me" section and send me an email. 

-Caity C.| Owner and Lead Photographer

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