Michelle and Luke | Mini Engagement Session | Dallas, TX

A nice cool breeze, surrounded by a sea of colorful tulips....the man you love....the ring of your dreams....and one question....Sounds a bit like a fairy tale, doesn't it?


It's literally how Luke proposed to Michelle while on a European vacation earlier this year. Lukes awesome friends were on hand to help keep the ring safe and document the whole event....so naturally, Michelle wasted no time calling friends back home...myself included. 

When we talked about what they were expecting from this shoot, they basically said something silly...something that showcases "Them"....to me that says silly, goofy, full of flirting and maybe a silly hat or sweater....and, of course, GLITTER! 

Man, did they deliver. Their wedding photographer is going to have a BLAST photographing their wedding. He's going to have a tough time NOT wanting to get more pics of these two. I can't wait to see it all! 

Thanks, Luke and Michelle, for being Boris and Natasha with Naughty Reindeer sweaters and Glitter. And for giving me tears...of laughter...through the whole shoot. :-)