Burnett Family | Family Portrait Session | San Antonio, TX

It's THANKSGIVING WEEKEND...and I think, aside from our wonderfully protruding food baby bellies, we've all had a pretty stellar weekend. I spent mine jogging, bowling, giggling, shopping, and catching up with my family back in my hometown. 

Of course, I wouldn't be me without taking at least one...or three... portrait sessions on this weekend. Annie contacted me last month for a portrait session with her whole clan...parents, brothers and their families, and her with her own. With larger families, you can always expect lots of energy, especially with younger kiddos. This super sweet group was ready for the action with snacks, toys, a big yard, and lots of cousins to bring in more fun! 

The result was amazing. Together we were able to get lots of smiles and giggles, a couple of cutie little hams, tons of tickles, all wrapped up in one very loving family. 

Thank you guys for having me get these pics! It sure was a lot of FUN!!!!