Hayley and Ro | 3.24.18

Hayley and Ro wed at the Winfield Inn Saturday March, 24. This super cute duo wanted to have something rustic and outdoorsy with one special touch....their Hufflepuff love for Harry Potter...

Yup, Harry Potter! The couple met in a Harry Potter Fan Club chat room almost a decade ago, and love blossomed between the two. There was one minor hurdle...Hayley was in school in Utah, while Ro was in Utrecht in the Netherlands.... 

Regardless, Ro took a chance, and flew to Texas to meet his love face to face....along with about 50 of her closest relatives. 

Ro took it like a champ....and 7 years later, the two got to say "I do" in front of that same family, along with close friends and his parents. 

It really was such a treat to get to know Hayley and Ro over the last few months. Communicating with them solely via email and then meeting them for the first time the week before was a bit of a challenge. But through our exchanges and a fantastic 2 hour meeting, we were able to pinpoint their style and I was able to give them images they'll love. I'm so thrilled to have had this wonderful experience. 

Plus, now I have another reason to visit Amsterdam :-) 


Caity ColvardComment