It's GIVEAWAY Time! | February 10

It's nearing Valentines Day, and I'm sure everyone has some fantastic plans with their loved ones. I do like Valentines day, and I am a subscriber of the pizza and sci-fi movie style holiday on the couch. 

I mean...I HAVE been with my boyfriend for 6 years.... He knows me all too well. 

Anyway, to show Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas Brides some <3 ... I'VE GOT A GIVEAWAY! 


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Capturing all the sweet Giggle Faces at Weddings. Those awesome smiles and nose crinkles....I would love to see your BEST #GiggleFace ! 

Like, Follow, and Submit your pic of your #GiggleFace! Friday February 16, 6 PM, I'll announce the winner! 

To make it a little sweeter, Make the #GiggleFace with your Bestie, and I'll throw in a 16x20 Canvas Print! 

Don't forget the #GiggleFace! 

Can't Wait to see all the Giggle Faces!!! 

-Caity C. | Owner and Lead Photographer

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