Expecting Baby Rosie | 2017

Lizzie loves to surprise people. Throughout our friendship, EVVVVVEEEEERRRRYYYYYTTTTTTHHHHIINNNNGGGGG (yes it requires that many letters) has to be a surprise. True to form, she was keeping a little secret for us around Christmas 2016. 

Since I left Dallas for Austin; Lizzie, Michelle, I have started a tradition of a girlfriend Christmas where we'll exchange gifts. That year she wrapped a bottle of sparkling cider with a little message...

"IOU one bottle of bubbly to be redeemed July 2017! From Peanut."

Lots of shrieking commenced.

Six Months, Lots of Sonogram Checkups, Baby Clothes, Tons of kicks, and lots of outfit debates later, it was time for her gender reveal and maternity pics!

Close friends and family gathered at Bart and Lizzie for the big reveal. The original idea for this gender reveal was going to involve confetti cannons....but we, unfortunately couldn't find them in time. The only thing left was something poor Lizzie had to get over real quick: Balloons. 

We drew straws and counted down to POP! 
Lots of Shrieking Commenced. 

Six Months, Lots of Sonogram Checkups, Baby Clothes, Tons of kicks, and lots of outfit debates later, it was time for her baby shower and maternity pics!

The Auntie Squad made of Michelle, Sanne, and myself spent months planning the best little BYOB/DIY/Super Fun baby shower. Tapping further into the theme of our little bright star and adding on some fun friendly touches like lawn games and a home made board game....the metaphorical hair pulling made the whole event totally worth it all. Lizzie and Bart were sweetly surprised with all the love and gifts for their sweet baby.....It also helped that Bart was showing all of us how to flip flame torches. 

Knowing this was the neighborhood where she would be building her earliest memories with her baby, Lizzie, chose White Rock Lake and the Filter Building to be the backdrop of this session. 

Being nervous in front of the camera is totally natural. You get a little self conscious, understandable. Having to be in front of a camera while pregnant is a totally different story. You feel even more self conscious as you see the camera start to click. There are ways to block out these nerves. Lizzie especially needed some coaching through these. 

The thing, mommies to be, to remember is to own these photos. This is your opportunity to showcase your glowing excitement over your bundle. All the great memories you're going to create with your new addition. For Lizzie, it was the upcoming gooeyness her baby was going to get from all their aunties and uncles. 

Lizzie and Bart Welcomed their baby girl, Rosalie Ophelia, into the world in early August, 2017. 

There's more on here in future blogs....<3

-Caity C. | Owner and Lead Photographer

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