Hayley and Rogier | 3.24.18

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Having had a long term, long distance relationship, I can completely understand that statement. It doesn't even compare to Hayley and Rogier's love story. It all started with a little...Harry Potter.

**Seriously, the super dork in me swelled with excitement when I heard their love story.** 

A mutual love of the Ravenclaw house brought these two together almost a decade ago. Their long-distance love blossomed across 5,000 miles (Utah to the Netherlands) and withstood the test of time...and Hayley said she knew he was the one....when he was willing to join her VERY large family for Christmas, even better, her family agreed. A few years later, a move across the ocean for Hayley, and a proposal later....it was time to come home to Texas for the big day. 

Hayley and Rogier really wanted to put on a great event for her family and friends. It was going to be the first time in a long time they'd get to interact with many of them, and they wanted it to be something special. They wanted a Rustic Texas Hill country party with mariachis and super cute details that made them....them! 

A lot of careful planning across the ocean  was definitely NOT easy, but, with the aid of her awesome mom,  they totally pulled it off. The gorgeous Winfield Inn provided the perfect backdrop with their HUGE green trees, beautiful mansion, and open air event concourse....all decorated in silver and blue and adorned with gorgeous flowers. Hayley's custom wedding gown and her grandmothers jewelry made Rogier's jaw drop during their first look...and she kept giggling saying he looked a lot like one of their favorite literary characters. 

They giggled, were serenaded by mariachi's, danced, and kissed the night away. Hayley's family was so much fun and so eager to make Rogier's parents included in all the fun. It was a really fantastic experience working with these two and I wish them all the very very best in the Netherlands. 


I'm getting excited for the fall! Weddings at some great locations, amazing and unique new couples, and my FIRST travel wedding! I seriously can't wait to share it all with you guys!

I still have some openings in the fall and I'm SUPER excited to meet new couples! Please fill out a "Contact me" and lets meet for some coffee!!

For real guys, I cannot be more appreciative of all the love and support I've gotten lately! April was a fantastic month that started off with some super sweet family sessions, I found out I got PUBLISHED on Good Morning America's Website (WHAT?!), and it finished off with one of the greatest weddings I've shot. 

All the sweet messages and feedback is seriously motivating me to move forward and grow this little project of mine. Seriously, thank you all SO much! 

-Caity C. | Owner and Lead Photographer