Taylor and David | 10.14

-Add, Add? did she just say ADD?! EVIL she must must must be made of just pure EVIL- I think to myself....Is she crazy?!.. I add as the sweat starts to pour down my forehead....I grip my fists a little tighter, hoping she won't notice.... 
"OKAY, can we ADD MORE?!" she asks
Dear God No...... I think
"CAN WE ADD MORE?!" She repeats
"yes," I squeak out.... This woman will literally be the death of me...
"OKAY, 100 RPM, Lets do it! 1-2, 1-2, 1-2! TWO MORE MINUTES!"
More like 30, what were you thinking?...oh, right, you hurt your hip, lets get it over with....
More sweat....more screaming...more trauma.....an hour later its over...
Why...why does it have to be spin class? 

What next?? Dinner, shower, and a bit of this.

August...it's August...the calm before the storm, the silver lining on the horizon of a somewhat boring summer....not a single wedding since July...a whole lot of meetings and fantastic engagement sessions...but no weddings. The reality of the fall starts to set in around the third week of August.....

Fall....Texas's favorite wedding season...you can have an outdoor ceremony without worrying if your guests will melt or freeze (which, to us, means less than 90 degrees), natural textures and colors are TOTALLY in season (especially some of my favorite dusty rose or magenta, evergreen, golds, and navy with lots of tree branches and textures), you can totally rock a trendy gown WITH SLEEVES(!) while still having a floral crown of some kind (total win-win!), the savory-sweet flavors are undeniable(hum PSL ANYONE?!), and, the BEST REASON, the cool, crisp breezes make you WANT to snuggle into your tuxedo-wearing Groom.

Plus, BONUS, he won't be so sweaty and uncomfortable in the vest and jacket...and the tie may ACTUALLY stay on!  

That was part of the aim for Taylor and David's October 14 Wedding. Glitter table runners accompanied lanterns and red, ivory, and dusty rose centerpieces decorated the Great Hall at The Milestone in Georgetown .  Taylor elegantly donned a fit and flair, sleeveless ivory gown that brought tears to her father and bridesmaid's eyes. David kept on his signature eyeglasses with his smart navy suit. To add to the occasion, he donned a floral tie that matched his fall rose boutonnière and her bouquet.

Their short and sweet ceremony gave away to a super fun reception where guests danced, drank, tasted DELICIOUS cake, and well wished the couples night away. 

As far as fall weddings go....Taylor and David's was a fantastic one to remember!

Stay tuned to the Blog and the Facebook Page  to hear more about saying Yes to Your Dream Dress, My THIRD Proposal Fake Out (#AlwaysThePhotographer), How Engagement Rings have changed over the last 100 years, More Fall Weddings....and some AWESOME Fall Pricing Specials! 

We're also participating in Canyon Lake Cabins and Cottages Bridal Open House on September 16! We will be having some great booking specials if you book at the event! I'm SO excited to share these with you! 


-Caity C.| Owner and Lead Photographer


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