Caity and Jim Went to Portland!

Good GOD, I love Traveling! Especially to the Pacific Northwest...After going to Seattle last year, the PNW quickly became my favorite part of the country. I don't know if it's because it's the total polar opposite of the Hill Country Heat I'm used to 8 months out of the year, all the fresh air, or the MASSIVE trees and mountains.... I absolutely love going there. 

Portland was completely unexpected. When we made the plan to visit, we had a short and sweet plan laid out that included one restaurant, one tour, and a whooooooole lot of exploring. We absolutely did that and SO much more! Portlands Food, Sights, and Culture were all simply amazing! 

My Absolute favorite part of the trip was our third day. I had been BEGGGGGGING Jim to take me to see Multnomah Falls since we booked the trip. Every.Single.Person we talked to about Portland said the same thing about Multnomah; "Get there early."....They weren't kidding. We picked up our rental car until 10:30 AM (the only available morning time slot when I booked), and we immediately drove out to the falls. The parking lot was filled beyond capacity and the forest fires had several other trails to the falls closed off....So we just shrugged our shoulders and moved on. 

Oh My GOD! The Columbia River Highway is by far and away the most BEAUTIFUL highway I've ever driven on. After being rejected from Multnomah, We headed back to Vista House, then onward to the Dalles, Hood River, the Oregon Wine Country, Orchards, and the Mirror Lake Trail. 

The most Spectacular Sight was Mount Hood. Growing larger on the horizon, just beckoning us to come and see it, Mount Hood has to be one of the Coolest things I've seen. Trust me, it's TOTALLY worth the drive. 

After a couple of hikes and some lunch, we pressed back out to Multnomah....and I FINALLY got to see it...and I totally get why it's packed. The second tallest waterfall in the country is a beautiful one. 

Seriously, if you're ever in Portland, I highly recommend keeping an open schedule and opt for really exploring the city.....but take a day and take a drive. It's totally worth it. 

Great Eats:

Stuff to do:

This vacay really made me think about how FAST this year has gone by! I've made alot of changes to business and I've taken alot of risks this year. Best part is...IT'S ALL PAYING OFF! I'm getting to know some tremendous wedding pros with ILEA and Brides of Austin, I'm giving back to my city by joining the Junior League, and, my favorite thing, I'm getting to know some amazing women by meeting all of my fantastic clients! 

But...again...this year is going by FAST....and if I've had a tough time grasping just HOW fast.....I'm going to guess a few brides have too. So I have something special for you ladies! If you are a 2018 bride who has NOT booked their photographer yet, I do have some openings and I'll be HAPPY to help you out! 

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Please message me for availability and more details.

**Just FYI: this deal does not apply to Thanksgiving or dates between December 23 and January 1. I'm sorry.**

I'm also apart of Canyon Lake Cabins and Cottages Bridal Open House!  This is a tremendous opportunity for brides to come and meet with some of the Hill Country's BEST Wedding Vendors, yours truly included. Not only will I have some AWESOME Bridal Show Specials, but I will have a VERY special guest with me....who'd love to meet you and would expect LOTS of pets....My sweet weenie dog, Bohde. Hehe! 

Please come out between 3-6 PM! I'd LOVE to meet with you! 

Until next time!

-Caity C. | Owner and Lead Photographer





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