Bye Bye Corporate and HELLO GIVEAWAY!

So, Just so you don’t have to go thru a lengthy read to get to the juicy, gooey, GIVEAWAY conclusion of this, here’s the TL/DR version:

I left my corporate job on Wednesday, January 16…..and to celebrate; I’M GIVING AWAY ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS TO THE NEXT 10 BRIDES WHO CHAT WITH CCPHOTOFACTORY!

Seriously, cruise over to About and Contact to schedule your coffee date. You know the coffee’s on me. <3

For the last two and a half years I worked as a project administrator and office manager at a HUGE multinational HVAC company. I worked under a team that sold large corporate systems for massive development projects in Austin and the surrounding area. The team was pretty stellar at what they did, which meant we were BUSY! I got thrown into this chaotic construction world without a clue of what I was doing, but confident I could do the work. I was pretty good at it, until I wasn’t.

The stress wears you down. The inexperience, the workload, and the constant nights of me needing to bring work home took me further and further away from my goal, which was to serve you guys with the very best portraits I could. I’m grateful for the experience, and it taught me quite a bit about organization, time management, and how to prioritize what’s best for the client.

As the stress I had been carrying wore away to relief. Jim and I have been speaking quite a bit over the last couple of days and we’re thinking it’s time for this to be the only thing I do. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, I set out to do this a long time ago, and he’s seen how insanely happy this makes me. I could girlfriend gush about this goofy dude all day…..but you’ll get bored pretty quickly.

I’m SO grateful for this extra time I get to really fine tune my skills, best prepare myself for your event, connect with my clients, do more for my community with ILEA and the Junior League, and become a better businesswoman. My brain is going NUTS with ideas!

BUT, first, time to celebrate! I have my bestie and her hubs here and we went to a few of my favorite places yesterday, and I’m extending the celebration to YOU!

I’m GIVING ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS to my next 10 BRIDES who book me! All you have to do is schedule your coffee date with me. You KNOW the coffees on me!

Cruise over to About and Contact to set our coffee date!

Caity C- Owner and Lead Photographer