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Heavy Spring Wedding Season is DONE!!! I don’t have any other Weddings until I fly to Crested Butte for Melissa and Neils AMAZZZING Wedding in Mid July!!!

Till then, it’s VACAY for me!!! First Stop…. to see my family at the coast.

It’ll be SO nice to disconnect from all the scary AF things I’ve been reading on Facebook, NPR, the Texas Tribune, and everywhere else….

The more we hear about it, the more Jim and I actually want to make changes…the biggest thing we can control is our carbon footprint….

We’ve recycled in the past…but we both know we need to do more to reduce our waste. So, we’ve started taking all the single use plastic out of our house; We’ve started shopping at the store again (instead of constantly relying on Instacart and HEB Curbside and thus, getting more bags), using canvas bags, mesh produce bags, and reusable bottles for most of our items. I’ve traded in my plastic toothbrush for an Eco-Friendly wooden one and I’m trying out Bites Toothbits… We also keep the lights off unless we actually need them. :-)

We’re looking into more ways to make our lives more eco friendly and less impactful on the planet. We’re looking into composting, solar panels, growing our own veggies… I’m looking at shifting what cosmetics and facial products I use because I’m HATING all the plastic I throw out every few months.

This got me to start thinking about the organizations I work with to provide my clients with amazing keepsakes. Its part of the reason I’ve chosen wooden USB drives and Sweet little wooden storage boxes, part of the reason I work with the printers I do (they’re AMAZING)….I also had to take a second look at my album provider.

I have, in the past and infrequently, used an album maker I thought I REALLY loved. But looking closer at some of their business practices and at some of their materials, I’m just no longer satisfied. While their products truly are fantastic, they’re just not for me….

and that means they’re not for my clients.

Thinking back on this Winter and Spring Season….I’m realizing I’ve had some FANTASTIC Clients this year! I’m SO honored to have been apart of their wedding day and sosososoosososos grateful to them for having me be their partner in creating something timeless, beautiful, and 100%… well them.

In reality, it’s their first family heirloom....

I mean, it’s a little hard to pass down digital files…isn’t it? It’s going to be tough to keep up with a USB Drive for the rest of your life… You really want a keepsake to hold those cherished memories..something that you’re going to be excited to pull out and show your children and grandchildren. You want to really showcase the foundation of your legacy.

Which is why… I have been thinking long and hard about offering wedding albums in my packages.

So, after weeks of searching and some interesting phone conversations, I have finally found amazing, beautiful, made in the USA, album designer that I am OBSESSING over!! Their hardcover books are made with recycled fibers, their pages are made with recycled paper!!!! TOTALLY UP CCPHOTOFACTORY’S ALLEY!

To celebrate this AMAZING FIND… and to give my Brides a little LOVE for being SO AMAZING…. I’m having a LIKES CONTEST where one Lucky Couple will WIN A FREE WEDDING ALBUM!!!!

Starting July 1, I will be sharing my FIVE FAVORITE IMAGES from each of these Weddings. You’ll get to hear a little bit about how much I adored working with each of the, what it was like to work with me, the awesome other service providers at their wedding, and a few fun tidbits about their special day!!!!

It’s y’alls job to LIKE your FAVORITE!!!

The Winner will be the Couple with the Most Likes!
First Place will win a FREE Wedding Album ( a $300 Value)
Second Place will win a $100 Gift Card from our album makers
Third Place will win a $50 Gift Card from our album makers!

Please, Y’all, Follow this contest on Instagram!!!!

The Winner will be announced July 10!!!!

And Please, keep following Jims and My Eco Journey on here…it’s going to be fun, challenging, and interesting….

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