Wedding Planning Phase One: Some GREAT Advice from a NOLA Bride


Well, it FINALLY happened. It took 8 years, but it happened! Jim surprised me with the most BEAUTIFUL engagement ring and a question while I was makeup free and answering emails.

Of course, my first response was “ohhhh what the crap?”….followed by ALOT of ugly crying and an utterance of “yes”.

It was, honestly, the most perfect proposal I could’ve asked for.

Now, almost a week in….it’s dawning on me…I’m already getting the questions of “whens the wedding?”…..
…Yeah, I don’t know…..

What is my dream wedding? I have no idea
How many guests do you want to have? Uhmmmm, I really can’t say….
How much do I want to spend? I’m starting to sweat….
How am I going to do this while trying to buy a house? Ohhhh my God, I forgot I’m trying to buy a house.

Naturally, I gravitate toward some folks to get advice….and they gave me great advice:
-They advised me to find a place to register that was a one stop shop for everything (Like Bed, Bath, and Beyond)
-To get China that would be timeless (then I received a shocked face when I said we probably won’t register for fine China)
-To really create an event that reflects the two of you…where your guests can have a good time.

I loved that piece of advice. Really create an event that reflects the two of you…where your guests can have a a good time…..

It’s exactly what Jim and I want….we want our guests to have a good time….we want our event to be about us…..and we like to have a good time in a way that’s unique.

And overall, Jim and I are more focused on setting up a foundation for our lives than one wedding day….so we’re thinking “small wedding.”

Next set of folks I reached out to were my former brides from this year. They all just completed the planning process and are basking in newlywed glows….. And the first to get back to me was Rebekah.

”If you really care about a decision, don’t be afraid of fully asserting your opinion. And for the decision you don’t really care about, don’t feel bad about outsourcing them.”

She’s right, Jim and I absolutely have to be assertive in our decisions. We do almost everything off the beaten path, how’s this any different?

She is literally the PERFECT person to give me this advice. Their friends and family did tell me they both have a tendency to do things they way they want to. They wanted something non traditional and low key, where their guests could have a good time celebrating them……

And that’s exactly what they had :-)

Rebekah and her hubs, Sean, wed in February on a boat in NOLA. Their ceremony and reception was quickly followed by a Surprise Second Line….which they hired me to cover….then a whole lot of fun down Bourbon Street….during Mardi Gras.

”I kind of had a breeze with wedding planning since we planned on only about 30 guests. There were no major hiccups since I went with the all-in-one package,” Rebekah said. “That really saved me planning-wise! I’m a huge fan of the package deal since you have just one venue-based person to contact about all the details.”

Very true…. and the end result… with the Second Line….was a wedding that was absolutely uniquely them!!!

So….onto the next step….finding our budget! Stay tuned!!!

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