Michelle and Luke | 3.3.2018

For as long as I've known her, Michelle has wanted one particular kind of guy...and it never really worked out....Then she took a chance with a guy named Luke.....

Michelle and Luke are silly, goofy, intelligent, and obviously so crazy in love with one another it's obvious they were perfect for one another. From their first date, you could tell Michelle was crushing pretty hard...and over the course of their courtship...we all fell in love with this bald, bearded, hilarious, all in all gem of a guy she had found. 

There are not enough words to describe how Luke changed Michelle's life. He got my shy, sweet, homebodied best friend...to become this sophisticated, confident, butterfly with a busier social calendar than almost anyone I know. It was clear Michelle was ready and wanting to marry Luke....and he was ready for her to be his wife.

 For weeks it was back and forth "Will he or Won't he?"....Until Easter of 2017 and a Trip to a Dutch Tulip Farm where he dropped on one knee. 

A few months, lots of planning, a bachelorette party, nearly gown shopping during a hurricane, and lots of debates later...it was FINALLY wedding day...and I got to enjoy watching the two of them tie the knot...as a guest. 

There are so many lessons I learned being on the sideline of my Best Friends Wedding. The whole wedding planning process was grueling and awkward and so full of anxieties...and I wasn't even the bride.

But, Luke and Michelle worked together on every decision...from the GORGEOUS VENUE to the Food and Drinks....and brought in lots of outside help for the planning process. When they asked me to recommend a photographer as opposed to being their photographer...I was relieved. to turn the duties over to Dylan Hollingsworth. 

Among the biggest upsides was I got to meet some enchanting and empowering women, I got to reconnect with a few old friends, and, BEST OF ALL, my best friend got to marry this incredible man who will bring her a life of happiness. 

-Caity C | Owner and Lead Photographer. 

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